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Terraform Provider

In addition to the CLI, ko's functionality is also available as a Terraform provider.

This allows ko to be integrated with your Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) workflows, and makes building your code a seamless part of your deployment process.

Using the Terraform provider is as simple as adding a ko_build resource to your Terraform configuration:

// Require the `ko-build/ko` provider.
terraform {
  required_providers {
    ko = { source = "ko-build/ko" }

// Configure the provider to push to your repo.
provider "ko" {
  repo = "example.registry/my-repo" // equivalent to KO_DOCKER_REPO

// Build your code.
resource "ko_build" "app" {
  importpath = ""

// TODO: use the `` resource elsewhere in your Terraform configuration.

// Report the build image's digest.
output "image" {
  value =

See the ko-build/ko provider on the Terraform Registry for more information, and the GitHub repo for more examples.