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ko run

ko run

A variant of kubectl run that containerizes IMPORTPATH first.


This sub-command combines "ko build" and "kubectl run" to support containerizing and running Go binaries on Kubernetes in a single command.

ko run IMPORTPATH [flags]


  # Publish the image and run it on Kubernetes as:
  #   ${KO_DOCKER_REPO}/<package name>-<hash of import path>
  # When KO_DOCKER_REPO is ko.local, it is the same as if
  # --local and --preserve-import-paths were passed.
  ko run

  # This supports relative import paths as well.
  ko run ./cmd/baz

  # You can also supply args and flags to the command.
  ko run ./cmd/baz -- -v arg1 arg2 --yes


      --bare                     Whether to just use KO_DOCKER_REPO without additional context (may not work properly with --tags).
  -B, --base-import-paths        Whether to use the base path without MD5 hash after KO_DOCKER_REPO (may not work properly with --tags).
      --debug                    Include Delve debugger into image and wrap around ko-app. This debugger will listen to port 40000.
      --disable-optimizations    Disable optimizations when building Go code. Useful when you want to interactively debug the created container.
  -h, --help                     help for run
      --image-label strings      Which labels (key=value) to add to the image.
      --image-refs string        Path to file where a list of the published image references will be written.
      --insecure-registry        Whether to skip TLS verification on the registry
  -j, --jobs int                 The maximum number of concurrent builds (default GOMAXPROCS)
  -L, --local                    Load into images to local docker daemon.
      --oci-layout-path string   Path to save the OCI image layout of the built images
      --platform strings         Which platform to use when pulling a multi-platform base. Format: all | <os>[/<arch>[/<variant>]][,platform]*
  -P, --preserve-import-paths    Whether to preserve the full import path after KO_DOCKER_REPO.
      --push                     Push images to KO_DOCKER_REPO (default true)
      --sbom string              The SBOM media type to use (none will disable SBOM synthesis and upload). (default "spdx")
      --sbom-dir string          Path to file where the SBOM will be written.
      --tag-only                 Include tags but not digests in resolved image references. Useful when digests are not preserved when images are repopulated.
  -t, --tags strings             Which tags to use for the produced image instead of the default 'latest' tag (may not work properly with --base-import-paths or --bare). (default [latest])
      --tarball string           File to save images tarballs

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable debug logs


  • ko - Rapidly iterate with Go, Containers, and Kubernetes.