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Install from GitHub Releases

$ VERSION=TODO # choose the latest version (without v prefix)
$ OS=Linux     # or Darwin
$ ARCH=x86_64  # or arm64, i386, s390x

We generate SLSA3 provenance using the OpenSSF's slsa-framework/slsa-github-generator. To verify our release, install the verification tool from slsa-framework/slsa-verifier#installation and verify as follows:

$ curl -sSfL "${VERSION}/ko_${VERSION}_${OS}_${ARCH}.tar.gz" > ko.tar.gz
$ curl -sSfL${VERSION}/attestation.intoto.jsonl > provenance.intoto.jsonl
$ slsa-verifier -artifact-path ko.tar.gz -provenance provenance.intoto.jsonl -source -tag "v${VERSION}"
  PASSED: Verified SLSA provenance
$ tar xzf ko.tar.gz ko
$ chmod +x ./ko

Install using Homebrew

brew install ko

Install on Alpine Linux

Installation on Alpine requires using the testing repository

echo >> /etc/apk/repositories
apk update
apk add ko

Build and Install from source

With Go 1.16+, build and install the latest released version:

go install

Setup on GitHub Actions

You can use the setup-ko action to install ko and setup auth to GitHub Container Registry in a GitHub Action workflow:

- uses: imjasonh/setup-ko@v0.6